Hanging Picture

Isometrics is a method for visually representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions in technical and engineering drawings. It is a really unique style of art that can show a three dimensional world and design. Minecraft was what gave me most of my inspiration because that is the best example of an isometric world. It is a world where everything is made of cubes so it helped me to see how things look in three dimensions. The first thing that came to my mind was that I wanted to try and represent a video game with an isometric world. When annualizing the Minecraft world the next video game that came to mind was the Uncharted series. This series follows a character named Nathan Drake through his adventures to find treasure. With that in mind I knew I wanted to show the process of finding treasure.

Sketch Book

With my theme in mind I began sketching anything that I thought related to the theme. I planned out how I wanted my area to look first and then mapped out what each layer would represent. When it comes to adventure and treasure hunting the first thing that came to mind were caves. I used caves as my starting point and started from the bottom up in my isometric world. I began sketching out everything I could think of that would be in caves like ghosts, treasure, torches, jewels, bones, etc. Once I was done that tier, I moved up to the surface and began making a forest. Once the forest was complete I began on the next tier and combined the water route and dirt road route into one, so that the piece wouldn't get too tall. Finally it was toped off with a pirate ship to give it a dynamic topper.

Framed Picture