Twitch Stream Assets

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Emotes, screens, highlight reels


Design assets to help build a stronger brand identity and help with marketing a twitch channel.


  • Creating a unique set of emotes to help create engagement in chat.
  • Twitch screens to help add more branding to the stream.
  • Tik tok videos to help market the channel on other social media platforms.


Ginger v day emotes
Ginger easter emotes
Shadow emotes
Itchy emotes
Ginger cat emotes
Ginger kitten July 4 emotes
jesterality emotes
jesterality emotes
pepega cain emotes
jesterality emotes


brb screen
Jesterality loading screen
Jesteraliy chatting
pepega chatting screen
Doeburr chatting screen

Sub Badges

jesterality sub badges
Elevens mind sub badges

Other Media

Astroneer youtube cover
brb screen
Discord banners
Jesterality panels
brb screen
starting soon screen


The Actual Pepega Case Study